About Digitalmill

Digitalmill is a consulting and development firm focused on games, videogames, and their related technologies led by Ben Sawyer.

Based in Freeport, Maine, just north of Portland, Digitalmill helps innovative projects, works with great teams, and seeks to advance the use of games for entertainment and non-entertainment purposes.

Our services & interests include:

Game design & production management
We help build all types & styles of games, offering useful collaboration toward final product. Our specialty is design & production for non-entertainment purposes such as education, health, scientific discovery, productivity, and more.

Startup projects & companies
We advise startups and established projects, assisting for-profit/non-profit enterprises to use games & game technologies.

Consulting & Research
We help organizations understand videogames, their cultures, technologies, and business dynamics to enable their missions.

Following many activities across academic fields studying games and game technologies; fostering R&D and collaborative opportunities with leading researchers & institutions worldwide.

Communities & Events
With our extensive experience we can be instrumental in starting important new communities of practice and related events in the videogame field. We can implement and execute events for internal and public purposes to advance conversations, collaborations, and promotion of game-related interest areas.


1997 Founded 

1999 First Game: Virtual U 

2001 Independent Games Festival Finalist 

2002 Co-founded Serious Games Initiative 

2003 Independent Publisher Book Award Finalist 

2004 Founded Serious Games Summit Event 

2004 Co-founded Games for Health Project 

2013 SxSW: Dewey Winburne Service Award 

2013 First Board Game: Pathways to Quality 

2014 Games + Crowds Conference  

Sample Clients

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 
American Public Media 
Connecticut Health Foundation 
Games for Health Europe  
General Services Administration  
Georgia Tech University 
Hilton Humana 
Kaiser Permanente 
Leimandt Foundation 
Lockheed Martin 
Megabourse AB 
New England Journal of Medicine 
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 
Society of the Cincinnati 
Space Science Institute 
University of Pennsylvania 
United Media 
The Wilson Center 
Yale School of Medicine  

Development Services

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